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Zap Oracle
2014/11/20 at 12:18 pm

For a limited time only I am allowing the first 100,000 people who read chapter one of my fantasy epic, Parallel Journeys, to purchase the finished book at its retail price when it is available. Act now, the finished book will be limited to the amount that eventually get printed.
There is a tide available to you for a limited time only,
Which taken at the flood,
leads on to fortune.
Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat.
And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.

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Parallel Journeys Beta Test


Zap Oracle
2014/11/20 at 11:18 am

An interesting twist on prescience in Dune is that a prescient (oracular) person cannot see other prescient people. For this reason Edric, a prescient Guild Navigator, is included in a conspiracy to assassinate Paul. The machinations of the conspiracy are not visible to Paul, because they are occluded by the inclusion of another prescient being. Although it isn't explained, one possible implication is that prescience allows for more wild card free will choices and actions. Without this added degree of awareness, people are mechanical and therefore predictable and therefore potential objects of prescience. A related interesting twist introduced in Dune Messiah is the Dune Tarot which has been designed and freely distributed to the population of Arakis by the Bene Gesserit to limit Paul and Alia's prescient powers. Oracles, in other words, are a prescient technology. With numerous people accessing prescient awareness through oracle use, Paul's oracular vision becomes clouded and muddled. While we don't have access to the spice, Melange, we do have access to many other substances (spice was apparently inspired by psilocybin). Similarly we have many powerful oracles. Since, like the Bene Gesserit, I have always been concerned that a single highly prescient mutant could sieze galactic power, I have created the Zap Oracle which is free and has 664 cards.

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Zap Oracle Jesse Hudson just improved his poster:

2014/11/20 at 11:42 am

Zap Oracle
2014/11/20 at 7:07 am

Channeling? For years people have been telling me to listen to "Bashar" the entity channeled by Daryl Anka. Sometimes people have even thought that I was Daryl I guess because we both have shaved heads. Finally got to see him do his channeling on the online documentary Tuned In and what I found is that Bashar sounds exactly like a fairly bright and articulate New Age person who has drunk too much coffee. Am I missing something? What also drives me crazy is people who say “What impresses me about __________(fill in blank with various channeled entities) is how much it agrees with other stuff I've read.” Duh? Probably because the channeler read a lot of the same stuff too. Any reasonably intelligent person will say stuff that agrees with stuff you've read elsewhere. The only channeled material I've ever read that seemed original enough that it might be channeled was Death the Great Adventure by Alice Bailey(1880-1949). Bailey was a well-educated theosophist who channeled someone she called “the Tibetan.” She had me going until the Tibetan, in a tone of ponderous oracular gravitas, predicted that in the 21st Century everything would be changed by amazing breakthroughs in "radio science." In the 20s and 30s radio science was cutting edge, but now the prophecy sounds as archaic as a prediction that rotary phones will improve tremendously or that blacks will begin to make their presence felt in the NBA by the 21st Century. I don't, however, discount channeling, just most channelers. I talk to nonphysical beings all the time, but don't make claims about what level of reality they are coming from and consider my unconscious as the most likely source. I did one extensive study of channeling called The Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts (it’s in written and podcast form and also a you tube---the link will take you to all three versions) which explores the book of the same name by British paranormal researcher Joe Fisher who investigated a group of channelers and discovered that they were indeed channeling paranormal entities, but that the entities were not who they said they were. His book was spell binding, perhaps literally, and led to his suicide. I would love to get your thoughts about any of this.

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The Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts

Review copyright 2006 by Jonathan Zap

Zap Oracle Also, Daryl speaks in this adamant, over enunciated, caffeinated manner as though he were shooting us with diamond bullets shattering our illusions, but what he actually says are a bunch of dull-as-dishwater New Age platitudes and bromides. For example, at 27:29 of Tuned In he says, "Often we will use ALLLL THAT IS because that's WHAT THE INFINITE IS , the ONE IS, All THAT IS, because by definition it is ALL THAT IS, there is nothing outside of it, there cannot BE an OUTSIDE TO IT." That's an amazing insight because I always thought that ALL THAT IS was only about 70% of what is, and that there was about 30% outside of it, but Bashar just demolished the delusionary limits I had believed about ALL THAT IS. And this was one of the diamond bullets included in the documentary which makes me cringe to think of the banality of whatever they edited out. What's also obnoxious is how often Bashar, this supposedly transcendent being, uses the most banal cliches of expression like "part and parcel." Aren't there any new and better phrasings on his cosmic plane?

2014/11/20 at 10:31 am

Zap Oracle Btw I do highly recommend the new edition of the book Channeling by John Klimo, by far the most authoritative book on the subject. Klimo's other book, Suicide and the Afterlife was one of the most life changing books I have ever read.

2014/11/20 at 7:14 am

Zap Oracle
2014/11/19 at 11:15 am

Just published this on Reality Sandwich:

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Perseverance - Reality Sandwich

The value of perseverance has been recognized by people of every culture and every period. If plants and animals could articulate the key principles they live by, perseverance would be chief among them.

Zap Oracle
2014/11/14 at 7:55 am

The intention to write a fantasy epic entitled Parallel Journeys was formed thirty-six years ago in the summer of 1978. After 14 months of pre-dawn writing sessions I now have a rough draft and a finished version of chapter one available for preview: It's followed by a brief history of the project. Would love to get your feedback. Also, although I have an agent for nonfiction, I don't have any connections at present for mainstream publication of fantasy fiction and would be grateful for any leads. I do plan to submit the finished manuscript to TOR books, but it would be great to have representation first

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Parallel Journeys Beta Test


Site News

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 I will be teaching workshops on the Singularity Archetype at a few festivals late spring and summer: Apogaea,  Sonic BloomArise and Burning Man.

I am now an editor as well as a featured correspondent on the popular online magazine Reality Sandwich (something like a counter-cultural version of the Huffington Post).  You can find most of the sixty articles I’ve written for them here:

I am now writing book 2 of my fantasy series Parallel Journeys which is an imaginal exploration of the Singularity Archetype and an elf origin story among other things. Anybody who has reading and/or editing skills who might want to give feedback on a beta version of the series should contact me at:  I will be very interested to hear from anyone with publishing ideas, leads or suggestions to offer.

Kalki Movies of Australia produced three Youtubes of me talking about the subject of mind parasites:

Part One 

Part Two

 Part Three

As you can see, the site now instantly posts my status updates and the two most recent comments.  If you want to get them live on Facebook, just subscribe to Zap Oracle.

Go to I STATUS UPDATE, THEREFORE I AM to see some thoughts about my ambivalence about Facebook as well as some  archived status updates.


What’s up with the fascination with zombies and vampires? Why is the skeptic movement actually the exact opposite of true skepticism? A couple of interviews I did you may find interesting: Sky Blue Symposia (formerly Time Monk Radio) has one of the most in-depth interview forums with a panel of well-prepared interviewers (from different countries) coming at you from various angles. This was my best opportunity to share thoughts I’ve had about the meanings of the evolving zombie and vampire mythology happening in popular culture (among other topics). Here is their description of the interview: We talk to Jonathan Zap about using a modern application of Jungian archetypes to help understand ourselves and our world. For over 30 years he has been using the tools of Jungian psychology to study popular culture, contemporary mythology, and dreams. Topics include: anima, animus, and the shadow. Zombies, vampires and parasites. Dream interpretation. Zombie banks, wall street and psychopaths. Femininity, patriarchy, and the white madonna and black madonna. 2012 and Y2K. Jonathan uses movies, books and current events to illustrate how various archetypes give us another perspective to make sense of our world.   Skyblue Symposia Interview with Jonathan Zap 

On October 12, 2012 I gave a talk on the Singularity Archetype and the evolutionary event horizon at the Boulder Evolver. The first 40 minutes are available as two Youtubes:

Part 1:

Part 2:

You can also listen to the complete audio as a podcast here:

Time Monk Radio did a 175 minute commercial free interview with me that was the most thorough interview I’ve ever done. There were several interviewers in various countries (all available in realtime on Skype). We covered the Singularity Archeytpe, psychopathy, mind parasites, dynamic paradoxicalism and many other topics.

3/20/12 Serious Wonder

Download 3_20_12JonathanZapOnSeriousWonder.mp3

I did three interviews with Mike Hagan of Radio Orbit. Here are the links to three interviews followed by an image Radio Orbit photoshopped from an actual photo of me sitting on a bengal tiger (oh, and in response to several inquiries—this tiger was not being abused, was not chained up—I worked for many years at the Prairie Wind Animal Refuge (where the photo was taken and which is now under new management) where we rescued tigers and other big cats from guaranteed hunts and other abusive situations. This particular tiger loved interacting with people and was exceptionally well trained.

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