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Zap Oracle
2014/09/20 at 4:22 am Reality Sandwich just posted this---which is slightly strange because I recorded this months ago but was planning on initializing some chaos magic practices today. You need to be a "conscious agent" to listen, but you can read the text here:

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Hear Jonathan Zap Read from "Two Chaos Magic Practices." - Reality Sandwich

"We would be living in a much healthier world if people made a mindful, vibratory evaluation of any solid, liquid or gas that they chose to become part of their body." Download an MP3 of Jonathan Zap reading his complete essay.

Zap Oracle
2014/09/19 at 9:44 am

In the Spring of 1978, when I was twenty years old and about to graduate from college, I made my discovery of what I call the “Singularity Archetype.” The discovery process took the form of a philosophy honors paper entitled Archetypes of a New Evolution. That summer I formed an intention to keep researching and writing about the Singularity Archetype and that intention culminated with the publication of my book Crossing the Event Horizon---the Singularity Archetype and Human Metamorphosis. I also formed an intention to write a fantasy epic that would explore the same themes. I worked on this epic, which I called Parallel Journeys starting in the 80s, but openings into its world usually only lasted a few months and then closed with results I found incomplete and unsatisfactory.

In February of 2013 I took a trip to Tucson, ostensibly to go to the gem and mineral show, but as soon as I got off the Greyhound bus I started getting downloads about Parallel Journeys. A huge part of the story unfolded in my mind during that trip. Formal work on it didn’t begin until the morning of the Equinox, 9/22/13. As of this morning, just a couple of day shy of the Equinox of 2014, I believe the epic is finished. I imagined it to be a multi volume epic, but right now it feels complete as a single volume work of 188K words. This is a bit weird because I always thought Frank Herbert’s Dune was the perfect length for a fantasy book and it is 187K. I don’t foreclose the possibility of sequels, but at the moment I feel like the present book expresses everything I intended to express.

My next goals are editing and seeking publication. While I have a literary agent for nonfiction, I do not have one for fiction, and ideally I should have an agent specializing in fantasy who would have contacts with major fantasy publishers like Tor. So if anyone has any leads on novel editors, agents or publishers, please let me know. If I can’t sell it to a major publisher, I won’t feel bad about publishing it myself. My goal is for it to reach the right mutants, and that is about quality, not quantity.

Zap Oracle Austin Iredale, my favorite editor, who edited Crossing the Event Horizon and many of my major nonfiction books, most of the Zap Oracle, etc. has signed on to be the editor of Parallel Journeys. I plan to spend the next several months working with him on revision. Anybody else who wants to give feedback, which will be gratefully appreciated, should let me know and I can provide access to a beta version of the text.

2014/09/20 at 4:50 am

Zap Oracle
2014/09/14 at 8:06 pm

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THA Talks - Jonathan Zap - "Zap Oracle", "Human Metamorphosis and the Singularity Archetype"

� An author, philosopher, journalist, and teacher�who has written extensively on psychology and contemporary mythology.

Zap Oracle
2014/09/14 at 2:32 pm Please don't comment unless you've listened to every word of the video first.

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"Why Don’t I Criticize Israel?" - Sam Harris Podcast

"The famed atheist and critic Sam Harris — author of “Free Will” and “The Moral Landscape,” among other books — has taken to his blog with a long and interes...

Zap Oracle And I'm not interested in Sam Harris, just this particular blog.

2014/09/14 at 2:48 pm

Zap Oracle
2014/09/04 at 10:11 am

Just published this on Reality Sandwich:

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Festival and Psychedelic Glamour as Coat of Many Colors Covering a Core of Stagnation - Reality...

I am growing increasingly cynical about some of the hype and inflated claims made on behalf of festivals and also by the psychedelic community that both conspire to create a transformational glamour sparkling around a core of stagnation.

Site News

 I will be teaching workshops on the Singularity Archetype at a few festivals late spring and summer: Apogaea,  Sonic BloomArise and Burning Man.

I am now an editor as well as a featured correspondent on the popular online magazine Reality Sandwich (something like a counter-cultural version of the Huffington Post).  You can find most of the sixty articles I’ve written for them here:

I am now writing book 2 of my fantasy series Parallel Journeys which is an imaginal exploration of the Singularity Archetype and an elf origin story among other things. Anybody who has reading and/or editing skills who might want to give feedback on a beta version of the series should contact me at:  I will be very interested to hear from anyone with publishing ideas, leads or suggestions to offer.

Kalki Movies of Australia produced three Youtubes of me talking about the subject of mind parasites:

Part One 

Part Two

 Part Three

As you can see, the site now instantly posts my status updates and the two most recent comments.  If you want to get them live on Facebook, just subscribe to Zap Oracle.

Go to I STATUS UPDATE, THEREFORE I AM to see some thoughts about my ambivalence about Facebook as well as some  archived status updates.


What’s up with the fascination with zombies and vampires? Why is the skeptic movement actually the exact opposite of true skepticism? A couple of interviews I did you may find interesting: Sky Blue Symposia (formerly Time Monk Radio) has one of the most in-depth interview forums with a panel of well-prepared interviewers (from different countries) coming at you from various angles. This was my best opportunity to share thoughts I’ve had about the meanings of the evolving zombie and vampire mythology happening in popular culture (among other topics). Here is their description of the interview: We talk to Jonathan Zap about using a modern application of Jungian archetypes to help understand ourselves and our world. For over 30 years he has been using the tools of Jungian psychology to study popular culture, contemporary mythology, and dreams. Topics include: anima, animus, and the shadow. Zombies, vampires and parasites. Dream interpretation. Zombie banks, wall street and psychopaths. Femininity, patriarchy, and the white madonna and black madonna. 2012 and Y2K. Jonathan uses movies, books and current events to illustrate how various archetypes give us another perspective to make sense of our world.   Skyblue Symposia Interview with Jonathan Zap 

On October 12, 2012 I gave a talk on the Singularity Archetype and the evolutionary event horizon at the Boulder Evolver. The first 40 minutes are available as two Youtubes:

Part 1:

Part 2:

You can also listen to the complete audio as a podcast here:

Time Monk Radio did a 175 minute commercial free interview with me that was the most thorough interview I’ve ever done. There were several interviewers in various countries (all available in realtime on Skype). We covered the Singularity Archeytpe, psychopathy, mind parasites, dynamic paradoxicalism and many other topics.

3/20/12 Serious Wonder

Download 3_20_12JonathanZapOnSeriousWonder.mp3

I did three interviews with Mike Hagan of Radio Orbit. Here are the links to three interviews followed by an image Radio Orbit photoshopped from an actual photo of me sitting on a bengal tiger (oh, and in response to several inquiries—this tiger was not being abused, was not chained up—I worked for many years at the Prairie Wind Animal Refuge (where the photo was taken and which is now under new management) where we rescued tigers and other big cats from guaranteed hunts and other abusive situations. This particular tiger loved interacting with people and was exceptionally well trained.

  • 10-09-06 – Download
  • 01-29-07 – Download
  • 01-07-08 – Download

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