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Zap Oracle
2015/03/04 at 3:47 am

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March Forth! – A March 4th Mutant Manifesto |

text and interdimensional traveler collage © 2006 Jonathan Zap March Forth! March Forth! Mutant Warriors! March Forth! Cast off the shackles of dead-end wage-slave bondage, the mind parasite tentacles, the multi-heart attack vice presidents with loaded shot guns, the mustachioed police troopers read…

Zap Oracle
2015/02/06 at 8:50 pm

Just published this on Reality Sandwich

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The Demonization and Deification of Cannabis: Sex, Drugs and Enantiadromia - Reality Sandwich

People often unconsciously create religions out of various things. Nationalism, guns, drugs, a sexual orientation, a dietary practice, bodybuilding, activism, can all be turned into religions complete with images of salvation and damnation.

Zap Oracle
2015/01/26 at 12:31 pm…/ Since I live in Boulder and don't know any weed demonizers but do know quite a few weed deifiers who continually hype cannabis as a cure for everything---this post is meant more as a challenge to them.…/

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The Demonization and Deification of Cannabis are Two Sides of the Same Coin—Sex, Drugs and...

A young millennial I know posted the following on Facebook: I get tired of people who lift up weed to the point that they say its a cure for all or everyone needs it. Just like any drug it can work for some people and others it may not effect them the same way. You should accept people regardless of…

Zap Oracle
2015/01/25 at 6:51 pm

A new Zap Oracle card featuring an amazing photo by my friend, the visionary Dutch painter, Thijme Termaat

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Card #583 - Journeying

Journeying is an archetypal human experience. I often feel the call to adventure as Winter turns to Spring, the urge to get out of the house and experience home on the road. Staying in one place for too long so easily and inevitably becomes a stagnant routine. Emerson said: "The problem with traveli…

Zap Oracle
2015/01/25 at 11:12 am

Following the Creative Muse

For those few people interested in the vicissitudes of the creative process, a volatile three month cycle for me reached a culmination yesterday and shifted decisively this morning. This personal account is an illustration or example of the the path of creativity I have developed and written about in The Path of the Numinous---Living and Working with the Creative Muse (also available as a podcast and Youtube).

I just spent 3 hours and 15 minutes engrossed in a very productive revision/ writing session on my fantasy epic, Parallel Journeys (Chapter One and some notes on the history of this project:, and this was a complete departure from what’s been going on recently.

For the last three months, my predawn writing sessions (see Predawn Window Zone for why I need to write predawn) have fluctuated unpredictably between Parallel Journeys and intense inner work/writing sessions. Both types of creative work involve almost continuous writing, especially the inner sessions which have been turned into a personal oracle, called the Coaxial Oracle which, as of yesterday, contained 101,294 words (over 500 pages) about two thirds of it written in the last three months.

Starting December 30th, the muse wouldn’t allow me even five minutes of Parallel Journeys work and every morning I was ineluctably pulled into inner work during writing sessions that had huge word counts but no public content.

For the last few days, despite daily downloads of new realizations and voluminous Coaxial Oracle writing, I felt that this inner work might be reaching a culmination and that I would be able to return to Parallel Journeys soon. But I also felt that this might be wishful thinking because although I realized that inner necessity, the muse, whatever you want to call it, demanded this other work predominate, I also had this guilty feeling of neglecting Parallel Journeys, and even got a concerned email from my editor, Austin (, who wondered why I hadn’t even commented on the edits he had sent in the first week of the new year.

Then on Thursday, traveling from Bronx to Boulder via two subways, two airplanes and two buses (the liminal zone of traveling between two such polarized places always magical for me), I had some culminating insights that also took the form of a new chaos magic practice (see Two Chaos Magic Practices for a brief definition) and a new form of an imaginal object (used in the practices) which I began working on in the Eighties.

On Friday morning I had a powerful dream that added to the culminating insights. I worked with the dream and then polished and refined the insights, magical practices and imaginal object on Friday morning and spent the day applying what I had learned and created.

I could feel the inner tectonic plates shift as three months of work resulted in culminating insights and a new magical technology (an inner practice involving the imaginal object) that was immediately effective.

And then this morning, this predawn writing session, I found that the tide had turned and the irresistible gravitational force pulling me, day after day into the inner/ Coaxial Oracle work was gone and replaced by a wide open portal into Parallel Journeys.

And once I started revising I noticed something else. Instead of feeling rusty, my fiction writing/revision skills seemed enhanced by the time away. Rereading a part that I thought of as finished work, I found ways to improve most of it and wrote a whole new section.

Austin’s edits, which had been gathering dust in my hard drive for two and a half weeks, proved to be invaluable and incisively accurate. They perfectly accorded with my stated intention to make the writing more cinematic and present tense. As I hoped, all the acting work Austin had been doing for the last few years had enhanced his editing skills and in the same direction of cinematic immediacy that I’ve been aiming at.

A few days ago in New York, my friend Michael said something that had been replaying in my mind. I repeated my spiel about having way more than 10,000 hours in with nonfiction writing but not with fiction and he dismissed that as not as major as I was making it out to be, “Yeah but if you have been working for decades in the arts, then you bring all of that to bear on whatever medium you adopt.”

Just as Austin’s acting career enhanced his editing skills, working in any art form can enhance what you bring to other art forms.

A brief Parallel Journeys phase in 1996 was interrupted by an immense gravitational pull into collage and decoupage work, an unexpected and highly unwelcome call that occurred right in the midst of a Parallel Journeys session and which I tried mightily to resist, but couldn’t. (I wrote about this in The Path of the Numinous).

The immersion into handcrafted visual art went on for a few years, and when I emerged from it I found that my writing was more aesthetic and visual. The artwork phase was right brained, guided by feelings, intuitions and visual ideas and when I resumed work in the medium of writing all that came with me.

The last three months of inner work was a realigning of my whole being and that realignment applies to my fiction writing and allowed progress to occur during the time I was compelled toward other sorts of writing.

But I don’t want to indulge in too much self-congratulation because I also sense that progress will stall immediately if I neglect the new inner practices and physical disciplines. I need to walk the talk the whole day for the next predawn writing session to be a portal. Also, no matter what I do today, I am not in control of the creative process and I can’t be sure what tomorrow will bring till I get there.

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The Path of the Numinous-Living and Working with the Creative Muse

© 2005, 2008 Jonathan Zap Revised 2008 Edited by Austin Iredale

Site News

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 I will be teaching workshops on the Singularity Archetype at a few festivals late spring and summer: Apogaea,  Sonic BloomArise and Burning Man.

I am now an editor as well as a featured correspondent on the popular online magazine Reality Sandwich (something like a counter-cultural version of the Huffington Post).  You can find most of the sixty articles I’ve written for them here:

I am now writing book 2 of my fantasy series Parallel Journeys which is an imaginal exploration of the Singularity Archetype and an elf origin story among other things. Anybody who has reading and/or editing skills who might want to give feedback on a beta version of the series should contact me at:  I will be very interested to hear from anyone with publishing ideas, leads or suggestions to offer.

Kalki Movies of Australia produced three Youtubes of me talking about the subject of mind parasites:

Part One 

Part Two

 Part Three

As you can see, the site now instantly posts my status updates and the two most recent comments.  If you want to get them live on Facebook, just subscribe to Zap Oracle.

Go to I STATUS UPDATE, THEREFORE I AM to see some thoughts about my ambivalence about Facebook as well as some  archived status updates.


What’s up with the fascination with zombies and vampires? Why is the skeptic movement actually the exact opposite of true skepticism? A couple of interviews I did you may find interesting: Sky Blue Symposia (formerly Time Monk Radio) has one of the most in-depth interview forums with a panel of well-prepared interviewers (from different countries) coming at you from various angles. This was my best opportunity to share thoughts I’ve had about the meanings of the evolving zombie and vampire mythology happening in popular culture (among other topics). Here is their description of the interview: We talk to Jonathan Zap about using a modern application of Jungian archetypes to help understand ourselves and our world. For over 30 years he has been using the tools of Jungian psychology to study popular culture, contemporary mythology, and dreams. Topics include: anima, animus, and the shadow. Zombies, vampires and parasites. Dream interpretation. Zombie banks, wall street and psychopaths. Femininity, patriarchy, and the white madonna and black madonna. 2012 and Y2K. Jonathan uses movies, books and current events to illustrate how various archetypes give us another perspective to make sense of our world.   Skyblue Symposia Interview with Jonathan Zap 

On October 12, 2012 I gave a talk on the Singularity Archetype and the evolutionary event horizon at the Boulder Evolver. The first 40 minutes are available as two Youtubes:

Part 1:

Part 2:

You can also listen to the complete audio as a podcast here:

Time Monk Radio did a 175 minute commercial free interview with me that was the most thorough interview I’ve ever done. There were several interviewers in various countries (all available in realtime on Skype). We covered the Singularity Archeytpe, psychopathy, mind parasites, dynamic paradoxicalism and many other topics.

3/20/12 Serious Wonder

Download 3_20_12JonathanZapOnSeriousWonder.mp3

I did three interviews with Mike Hagan of Radio Orbit. Here are the links to three interviews followed by an image Radio Orbit photoshopped from an actual photo of me sitting on a bengal tiger (oh, and in response to several inquiries—this tiger was not being abused, was not chained up—I worked for many years at the Prairie Wind Animal Refuge (where the photo was taken and which is now under new management) where we rescued tigers and other big cats from guaranteed hunts and other abusive situations. This particular tiger loved interacting with people and was exceptionally well trained.

Site News radio orbit 1

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  • 01-29-07 – Download
  • 01-07-08 – Download

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