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Dialogues on Prophecy and the End of Time

Dialogues on Prophecy and the End of Time

Jonathan Zap and John Major Jenkins recorded August, 2004 by Lost Arts Media

Among many other topics, Jonathan Zap talks about the psychology of prophecy and why prophecies are almost always wrong about time frames.  Prophecy and the idea of an end time are examined from the perspective of Jungian psychology and the “singularity archetype” is introduced. John Major Jenkins (author of nine books on the Maya) talks about the Mayan calendar and his discoveries about the meaning of 2012 and the cycle of galactic alignment recognized by a number of cultures.


Crossing The Event Horizon

Click HERE to  get the free PDF or Podcast of the first 40 pages of the book just by clicking here and entering an email.  We won’t use your email for anything except notifying you when the book is out.

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